Here are the most read posts from November on Servantsofgrace:

#1- Biblical Accountability by Richard Rohlin:

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#3- When You Don’t Feel Like It by Nate Palmer:

#4-  Pluralism, Tolerance and the Gospel by Dave Jenkins:

#5- Date Night at the Golden Arches by Nate Palmer:

#6- Assurance and Perseverance in Hebrews 6:1 by Dave Jenkins-8:

#7- What’s Your Legacy? by Richard Rohlin:

#8– Men, Temptation and Jesus by Dave Jenkins:

#9- Humble People Noble Deeds by Nate Palmer:

#10-  Be Content To be Called Vicious Trouble Makers a quoted shared by Aaron Armstrong:

Here are the top five posts for 2011 so far on Servantsofgrace:

#1- The Role of Culture in Gospel Communication:

#2- Burning the Quran, 911 and Islam:

#3-    The Decline of Christianity in Europe:

#4-  Living a Blameless Life:

#5-  The Essential Activity of Christian Ministry: