In Proposition 62, George Peters states:

“This people, to whom the Kingdom is to be given, gathered out of the nations, becomes the elect nation.”

Peters again notes the reality of the gathering out of many nations of a people into one nation with the engrafting into the existing nation noted in previous propositions as a key to understanding this gathering process and concept. Another important point to note is the reality of an elect nation, not nations plural. One people, one body, one ekklesia, one family of God.

The most notable observation Peters presents in Proposition 62 is the following:

“This doctrine of the Kingdom in its covenanted aspect gives us the key to the doctrine of election. The language referring to election is based (1) on the Divine Purpose relations to this Theocratic Kingdom; (2) on the Plan embraced in that Purpose, of gathering out a people, – whose character, etc., is predetermined – to whom it can be entrusted; (3) on the acceptance of the conditions by persons through which they come into the line of that purpose. The election then (a) is, so far as God is concerned, pre-ordained; such a people will be gathered (as even Moses predicted) for such a Kingdom of kings and priests to be established, and, as God changes not, it will most assuredly be carried into execution; (b) on the part of man, he comes in the line of the predestined order, or elect, or chosen, just so soon as he accords or falls in with the determined process of engrafting through faith in Jesus Christ.”

Some have an issue with the doctrine of election. The idea of God electing people carries with it the idea that some are not elected or chosen. I am not going to get into the specifics of that doctrine of election in this post as it is outside the parameters of our specific discussion on the doctrine of the Kingdom. All I will state is there is a gathering of a specific group of people into one holy nation. They are chosen or called out by God to be grafted into the faith and into the promises made by God to His people. Furthermore, this is all part of God’s divine plan and purpose meaning He knows who are His. How exactly – well that is the matter of debate. I humbly submit we can rest assured that He knows and that as those who are chosen/elected, we can have confidence we are adopted sons and we should respond to being members of God’s family by glorifying the Father through loving obedience.