In Proposition 60, George Peters states:

“This Kingdom of God is given, not to nations, but to one nation.”

This is a very important point. We are the people of God, a holy called nation. From out of many nations into one nation. This is after all what the word translated as “church” in the New Testament means. What word am I speaking of? Ekklesia which means called out ones. Called out from where? From among the heathen nations to form the assembly of those who are kadosh to God, a set apart people, the bride of Messiah. All the members of this family, both from the times of old and into the future to the day Christ returns are the ekklesia, one body, one nation of God.

The most notable observation Peters presents in Proposition 60 is the following:

“It is proper to remind the reader that this bestowal of a Kingdom to “a nation” that is to be gathered does not result from Gentile nations being better than the Jewish nation; this is evinced by their possessing a common depravity, that justification is accorded to both Jew and Gentile on precisely the same grounds, and that the Gentiles, like the Jews, will ultimately be found arrayed against the grace of God in Christ. It arises solely from the mercy and favor of God, who, out of the Jewish and Gentile nations alike, is ready and willing to accept of believers in Christ to form that nation to whom the Kingdom is to be given. This gives us the true standard by which to judge of the harsh and unjust opinions and proceedings of Gentile nations toward the Jewish nation, just as if they were better than the latter, and not entirely dependent on grace for the call to the Kingdom.”

Peters again reminds us of our status. We have been called out from among the nations to be adopted into the family of God. We are not better than anyone else for we are all pitiful depraved sinners in need of God’s grace. Thankfully, that grace has been extended to us provided we heed His call. The insanity of anti-Jewish sentiment and the incorrect teaching of theological systems that propose a replacement in God’s plan and eyes of the Jewish people should be shunned with all vigor. Our standing with God, both Jew and Gentile, will be determined based on our response to the Messiah. To be part of the Kingdom, we need to answer the offer with a resounding YES, never forgetting we are adopted sons through the grace of God.