In Proposition 59, George Peters states:

“This Kingdom of God, offered to the Jewish nation, lest the purpose of God fail, is to be given to others who are adopted.”

If God stopped with no longer offering the Kingdom per His covenant promise, we would have a huge problem. Two things took place after the rejection by the nation of the offer of the Kingdom under the Messiah. First, there was a remnant who took the message into the world. Second, in fulfillment of God’s covenant with Abraham, the message taken by the remnant was provided to the entire world. Those to whom the message was taken by this remnant were to be grafted in, adopted as heirs to the promise. The covenant promise of the Kingdom would not be denied nor would it fail. God’s purposes will take place as promised, albeit not just through a single nation, but through a much broader construct of humanity who would respond to the offer.

The most notable observation Peters presents in Proposition 59 is the following:

“This already teaches us that to preserve the solemnly pledged faithfulness of God, this people, to whom the Kingdom is to be given, must, in the very nature of the case, stand closely related to the Jewish race. They cannot be gathered out or selected, as multitudes now vainly imagine and foolishly boast, without any regard whatever to the old covenanted line. They must be, if God is sincere and mindful of His oath, adopted as Abraham’s seed (comp. Props. 29, 30, etc.).”

I am appreciative that Peters continues to drive this point home. As a people who are adopted, meaning adopted as Abraham’s seed and thus heirs to the promise, we must be careful not to boast. It is by God’s grace that this offer of adoption has been given to us. To be adopted means we have been brought into an existing family unit. It means that we are part of that family and all it entails. We are not adopted in order to replace the family. We become part of it as if we were natural children. Our DNA if you will must be thought of to be the same as the family into which our adoption took place. Do not be tempted to boast and to declare that as adoptees, we have overtaken the family and kicked out the people to whom we were adopted.