In Proposition 52, George Peters states:

“The promises pertaining to the Kingdom, as given in the covenants, will be strictly fulfilled.”

Covenants follow very strict rules and requirements on the part of both parties. The covenants made by God, in particular the ones recently discussed (i.e. Abrahamic and Davidic covenants) have very specific declarations regarding their full and complete fulfillment. God, being the Sovereign, will strictly adhere to the details of the covenant. No element will be left out or only partially fulfilled once all accounts are settled.

The most notable observation Peters presents in Proposition 52 is the following:

“The fulfillment of the covenant promises implies, in view of this restored Davidic throne and Kingdom, that the Messianic Kingdom is a visible, eternal Kingdom, not merely spiritual, although embracing spiritual and divine things. Its visibility, and a corresponding acknowledgment of the same, is a feature inseparable from the language of promise (comp. Props. 117, 112, 122, etc.).”

This observation follows closely the Proposition. Some attempt to aver the Kingdom is merely spiritual in nature with the fulfillment being some ethereal form of existence in eternity future. Somewhat along the lines of going up to the heavens to float on a cloud and play the harp or flying around the heavens with little cherub wings. This is not a correct approach to the covenant promises made by God. The Kingdom will be physical and a literal Kingdom with a literal King ruling over His people on a literal and physical renewed heavens and earth. The language of the covenant promises demands this is the only correct understanding.