In Proposition 31, George Peters states:

“This Theocracy or Kingdom was identified with the Davidic Kingdom.”

This is another undeniable fact. God made a covenant with David and the Messiah was stated to come from the line of David. Peters notes the Davidic and Theocratic kingdoms as being inseparably linked, mainly due to the fact that the throne of David would be sat upon by the Messiah. The throne of David then became the throne of the Messiah who rightfully was heir to that throne.

The most notable observation Peters presents in Proposition 31 is the following:

“This Theocratic union is shown also in the fact that not only all the Theocratic laws and arrangements, previously made, remained in full force, and the King obligated himself to see them enforced, but in important matters pertaining to the nation the King was to consult with, and obey the imparted instructions of, the Chief Ruler. The numbering of the people (2 Sam. 24 and 1 Chron. 21) by David without divine permission, being an infringement of Theocratic order, an act of insubordination to his Superior, was correspondingly severely punished.”

We still see the reality that any earthly king was always subordinate to the Chief Ruler – God. The earthly king was to ensure the laws of God were obeyed and in doing so, the earthly king, in this example provided by Peters being David, was also obligated to obey those same laws. The earthly king was never above the Chief Ruler, neither in rank of office or in matters of obedience to the Chief Ruler’s mandates.