In Proposition 103, George Peters states:

“This Kingdom is not a Kingdom in the third heaven.”

As has been repeatedly demonstrated, the promised Kingdom is a visible earthly kingdom. While there is no doubt our Lord rules from heaven, the covenanted Kingdom is an earthly construct and all descriptions found in Scripture reveal it to be as such. Suggesting the covenanted Theocratic-Davidic Kingdom is a Kingdom in the third heaven, whether past, present, or future, is inconsistent with the biblical promises and facts.

The most notable observation Peters presents in Proposition 103 is the following:

“The early church had no idea that this Kingdom was received at or after death (see Prop. 98, 136). Whatever the view concerning the intermediate state, whatever the condition allotted to the pious, one thing is certainly affirmed, that they looked for the Kingdom, the inheriting, crowing at the Second Advent of Christ and not at death. The departed were also represented as waiting for the Kingdom, and the whole period during which the bodies of the saints were not restored was characterized as one of expectation, waiting for redemption, Rom. 8:23. The non-crowning of Paul, during the intermediate period, the reception of the Kingdom at the time of “regeneration” or “restitution”, etc., was decisive.”

There is much to note in this observation, some of which is outside the specific scope of the particular discussion of the doctrine of the Kingdom but which does come into play regarding how one understands the mentioned interwoven doctrines and principles. With that said, the Kingdom, meaning the future promised, covenanted Kingdom is something we find the biblical authors looking forward to coming not immediately upon death or for that matter at any time prior to the Second Advent. It is then and only then the covenanted Kingdom will be a reality. Waiting and earnest expectation of a future event is what is observed time and again in Scripture.