Student Bible Atlas A Bible map or atlas is likely not something most get excited about. For that matter, the few maps some study Bibles provide are probably not something many refer to on a regular basis for a variety of reasons. Looking to find where the city of Shechem is located is quite frankly not high on the priority list of most believers and Bible readers. I am confident that those who take a look at Tim Dowley’s useful book aptly titled The Student Bible Atlas will find their Bible reading and study greatly enhanced.

As a homeschool dad, I am constantly looking for new and relevant study tools, especially when it comes to teaching my daughter about the history of Israel or anything related to Scripture. When I came across Dowley’s book of maps, it seemed like something that would be of use for our homeschool studies. I was not disappointed and let me share with you why.

First, these are very easy to read color maps, unlike the often hard to read and understand maps placed at the front or rear of many Bibles. The maps in this book are quite easy to read and the information provided on the maps is very useful. There is a map provided for nearly every major era of Scripture to include everything from the time of Abraham up to the early congregations of the New Testament period. Additionally, Dowley has a map that notes many of the major archaeological sites throughout the Middle East.

Of further note is the index. While some may not see the usefulness of an index when it comes to looking at a map, there are times when someone may come across a city mentioned in the Bible or in other studies, but they may not know what map or perhaps maps to find that city. An index allows the user of this atlas to locate where to find that city. Dowley provides all the major cities in the index and on the maps in this atlas. In addition to providing many helpful maps, Dowley also includes for each map, annotating some of the major events and time periods that particular map outlines.

If you are looking for an easy to use Bible atlas that will place at your fingertips the world of the Bible, then I highly recommend Tim Dowley’s The Student Atlas Bible. It is a great tool for personal Bible study, family Bible study, and for those homeschool parents looking for valuable material to supplement their teaching curriculum. An updated version will be available in September 2015 so be on the lookout.

This book is available for purchase from Fortress Press by clicking here.

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