Dear Seminarian: Know Your Bible – Brian Cosby continues the Dear Seminarian series with a look at why it is so important for those in Bible College and Seminary to know their bibles.

Are Christian Missionaries Narcissistic Idiots? — A Response to Ann Coulter – Dr. Albert Mohler responds to criticism made on Christian missionaries by political pundit Ann Coulter.

Was Adam a Historical Person? – “Absent a historical fall, the Bible’s account of redemption through the Second and Last Adam, Jesus Christ, makes no sense at all. How can it at all be meaningful to say with the Bible that God, in His sovereign and infinite mercy, has recovered and restored what was lost in the fall? To deny the historicity of Adam is no trivial matter. It has radical implications for the way in which we look at human nature, evil, and redemption.”

Time for a Spirit Check – “The Gospel cures us of the black smoke of our hearts. Whenever we are tempted to draw conclusions about others hastily or unjustly, whenever we are about to speak about someone else, whenever we want to write something about someone’s sin and whenever we have decided to give up on someone who has sinned against us or in public, we must check our spirits. It takes one minute, but will make all the difference in the world to us and those around us.”

Men, Don’t Just Talk the Talk – “Change doesn’t occur solely through our effort. Instead change primarily occurs through the gospel. When the gospel pierces our heart of stone, it does something we could never do. It causes our heart—our will, desires, and wants to change. It’s that change which is necessary for us to walk the walk.”