How Should Christians Think About Religious Violence? – “Our practices must constantly be checked by our gospel. Which means we must be relentless in understanding our gospel. We must live under the gospel, and focus on the gospel.”

Evangelism After Christendom – “In order for our evangelism to be believable, it must be biblical. So when we communicate the gospel of grace, we must necessarily draw on biblical truths, stories, and images. If we stop there, however, we will fail to communicate effectively how the gospel is good news for others. Like good counselors, we must listen to others well to know how to effectively communicate the unsearchable riches of Christ in a way that speaks to their unique life story.”

What Is Discernment? – “So discernment is learning to think God’s thoughts after Him, practically and spiritually; it means having a sense of how things look in God’s eyes and seeing them in some measure “uncovered and laid bare” (Heb. 4:13).”

Jesus’ Law About Anger – “Anger and insult are so serious and dangerous that we must avoid them like the plague and seek reconciliation if possible. All of this is intended by sixth commandment. This should leave us desperately seeking Christ both for forgiveness and also for strength to change.”

Theological System Overload – “Theological systems are very helpful and needed; however, they must not supersede the place of God’s word in our life. When those systems become our focus, we will inevitably endure theological system overload, a state of mind and approach where we have begun to worship the system rather seeking the Creator, the author of truth. If you find yourself caught up in the theological system overload, there is only one solution – a reboot by the work of the Holy Spirit with the word of God being written on the very fabric of your heart.”