Three Critical Truths about Redemption – “Redemption” is a rich word and perhaps somewhat unique among the great gospel words in our theological vocabulary, in that it’s a word that easily resonates with unbelievers.”

An Easy, Low-key, Non-threatening Way To Share The Gospel That Anyone Can Do – “Is there someone you can think of that might be willing to meet with you and work through the Gospel of John together? Consider praying about it and giving them a call. The worst thing that could happen is they could say no. But they might say yes.”

The Bible as Junk Food – “To reap the nourishment it holds, we must engage our minds, prepare our hearts, and present our wills to the God with whom we meet every time we read His Word. Engaging our minds necessitates reading, relating, exegeting, mulling. All of this aided by the digestive juices of prayer that engages God as we interact with the text in assimilating the truth of God’s Word for our spiritual nourishment and growth in grace.”

Eric Garner and the Call for Justice – Dr. Russell Moore addresses the Eric Garner case.