Being Quick to Hear, Slow to Speak, and Slow to Anger – Mike Boling continues the Marriage/Parenting/Singleness series at Servants of Grace by writing on the need to be quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger.

The Best Things About the Boring Parts of the Bible – “Let’s admit it, there are certain parts of the Bible we skim because . . . well . . . because we think they’re boring. They’re repetitive, overly detailed, full of names and places we can’t pronounce. So why bother with them? There are many reasons — not the least of which is that even the parts of the Bible we deem to be boring are significant because they are God’s word to us.”

The Lost Virtue of Modesty – “Our bodies have been bought with a price. Therefore glorify God with your body (1 Cor. 6:20). Which means we don’t show everyone everything we might think is worth seeing. And it means we won’t be embarrassed to keep most private those things that are most precious. Shame is a powerful category, in the Bible and in our own day. The key is knowing what things we should actually be ashamed of.”

Sacrificing for Our Idols – “Kingdoms come and kingdoms go, but the kingdom of God will remain forever. The danger of ministry is that pursuing our own kingdom can be easily disguised by using language from the kingdom of God.3 Too often, leaders themselves are blind to the reality that they are making ministry “their world” rather than a place of nourishment for God’s people and equipping for God’s mission.”

Sola Gratia: Christians Are Saved by the Grace of God Alone – “We are saved, then, sola gratia — by the grace of God alone. Far from leading us to embrace lives of license and moral recklessness, the grace of God in the gospel leads us to pursue lives of consecration and holiness. “