Is It Wrong for Christians to Defend Their Rights? – “Paul was willing for his life to be cut short if the work of the gospel could go on. But so long as the gospel itself was maligned, misrepresented, and unfairly marginalized, he wasn’t about to submit himself to slander or surrender a single civic right. He would keep preaching the Christian gospel. He would keep on defending the religious and legal legitimacy of the Christian faith. And he would not believe for a moment that the two tasks were aimed at different ends.”

Doubts, Guilt and the Lord’s Supper – “The next time communion is served, ask yourself if you are hungry and thirsty for God’s love and grace. If so, eat and drink to the glory of God!”

What Does Your Obedience Look Like? – “In sanctification, God’s moral law does much more that direct. It exposes us as we are in order that we might, more and more, come to see ourselves not as we want to see ourselves or want to be seen by others but as we really are: self-centered people who don’t love as we ought.”

7 Wrong Reasons to Join a Church – Nick Batzig shares seven importantly wrong reasons not to join a church.