Applying God’s Word – Benefits and Methods – “God calls His people throughout the Scriptures to develop the practice of dwelling on Him in our thoughts. When you consider what the Scriptures say about meditation and when you weight the testimonies of some of the most godly men and women of Church history, the importance and value of Christian meditation for progress in Christian growth is undeniable.”

How to Succeed in Evangelical Twitterland – “Not every pithy saying I conjure up needs to be shared publicly, and almost all of them serve the church only minimally, if at all. The textbook definition of aphorism is “a short phrase that expresses a true or wise idea.” Evangelicals could use a hefty dose of truth and wisdom to go along with our publicly posted ideas. Whether that translates into a large following, a bunch of retweets, or any other form of human praise should pale in comparison to quality and faithfulness of content, whatever its form.”

Give Me the Doubly Offensive Jesus, Please – “Jesus said He came to call sinners to repentance. The church is offended that Jesus’ call is for sinners. The world is offended that He calls for repentance. That’s why the world minimizes His exclusive claims until Jesus is reduced to a social justice warrior who affirms people as they are. And that’s why the church minimizes His inclusive call until Jesus is reduced to a badge of honor for church folks who think their obedience makes them right with God.”

A Penetrating Analogy – “We look at what the Scriptures say as a whole in systematic theology. We look at how the Scriptures apply to us in practical theology. We examine how we can remove obstacles (by God’s help) to an unbeliever’s coming to faith in God through the Bible in apologetics. What unites all the theological disciplines is the Bible. It is the motor of the drill.”

Manhood & Theology: Ascension – “The ascension isn’t a dollar store doctrine. It’s essential for Christian living and for growth into the image of Christ as men. We cannot lead well without understanding what the ascension does for us. We cannot have faithfulness or fruitfulness in ministry without it. Lose sight of the ascension and reign of Jesus Christ and you start to manufacturer results. Place the ascension within the scope of the gospel story and you will boldly live, lead, love, and repent. Men, our Savior reigns.”