A Romantic View of Ministry – “Many mistakenly convince themselves that they will find fulfillment in the ministry, rather than in Christ. It only takes a few years on the front line as a senior or solo pastor to get rid of such notions. When the trials and challenges of ministry come, the romantic views flees away.”

The Smell of Bible Breath – “Your Bible is alive. Look at it. It sits there — rumbling. Growling. Don’t be shy. Don’t stay behind the yellow line; get close to the roar of the supernatural pages.”

Today Is Just in Time – “Whatever wreck your life might be, however nightmarish your circumstances seem, Jesus is ready to embrace you. His righteousness is ready to clothe you. The mighty wave of his mercy is growing higher and higher, soon to crash over your soul, if you would just turn, if you would but seek him. Would you? Even in the midst of your mess, would you turn to him?”

How to Distinguish the Holy Spirit from the Serpent – “The Spirit comes to us as an earnest, a pledge, a down payment on final redemption. He is here and now the foretaste of future glory. But His presence is also an indication of the incompleteness of our present spiritual experience.”

Surpassing Value: Treasuring Christ Above the Treasures of the World – “Knowing anyone else in this world cannot compare to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ. In knowing Christ, we know One who is surpassing in excellence in His person and One who showers on us benefits which far surpass anything we may receive from this world.”