Reading the Psalms Devotionally – Joe Holland shares six insightful tips for reading the Psalms devotionally.

Prayer: Just Do It! – “So if you are struggling with your prayer life, follow the keep it simple method. Have a conversation with God. He knows your heart and He already knows what you are going to say but He longs to hear it anyway. “A single groan” is the best place to start.”

A Great Reward – “The Word of God does not only warn, but it also profits. Those who heed God’s wisdom and obey his law receive all the benefits that come from walking with God. They receive the greatest reward of all: they are with God and in God today and every day.”

Evangelizing the Church of Darwin – “Questioning the Church of Darwin can lead you down a one-way street to becoming an apostate. It is clear that Darwinian dogma promotes a worldview that makes much of materialism, humanism, and free-thought.”

The Wonder-Working God: Seeing the Glory of Jesus in His Miracles (Interview with Jared Wilson) – Credo Magazine interviewed Jared Wilson about his excellent book, The Wonder Working God.