Memorizing and Meditating on God’s Word – “When memorizing Scripture do not lower your standard of getting a few words right. Make sure you are memorizing every word and can recite it word for word. Memorize it word for word and learn the reference, too. Without an objective standard of measurement, the goal is unclear and one may tend to continue lowering the standard until one quits entirely. Make sure you also find an accountability partner to help you in your quest to scriptural memory.”

Memorize the Mind of God – “When we pursue Scripture memory with meditation, we’re not just storing up for transformation later, but enjoying food for our soul and experiencing transformation today. And when the focus is more on feeding and shaping, then constant review is less important. Once-memorized, now-forgotten texts aren’t a tragedy, but an opportunity to meditate and mold your mind even more.”

Our Earthy Future Home – “We aren’t going to live in ethereal mansions in heaven for eternity. Clouds are not our final resting place. Spirits with wings are not our final form. Our eternal future is far more earthy.”

Martin Bucer: Carer of Souls (Part 2) – “One of the primary ways we tend and keep healthy sheep healthy is by making sure that they are fed. We watch over them from the pulpit. This is the primary feeding trough of the sheep.”

The Preacher, The Counselor, and the Congregation – “If my sermon’s don’t help with counseling, then I need to rework my approach to preaching. And if a church’s counseling is totally unlike, in substance and grounding, faithful expositional preaching, then the church’s counseling probably is something other than biblical. The preacher and the counselor working together, teaching the same truths from the same Bible to the same heart conditions, can be a powerfully gospel-tuned tag team.”