Connecting the Church and Family – Brian Cosby begins the new Marriage/Parenting/Singleness series at Servants of Grace with a helpful post noting six ways his church connects the church and the home.

Are We Passionate for People? – “It is an amazing thing that God comforts the downcast, and that he tells us this so clearly. The idea of God’s comfort isn’t religious folklore, nor is it some spiritual platitude to pull out when we can’t think of something more specific to say. This is a truth read explicitly in the words of Scripture, and pervasively narrated throughout.”

Curved Inward – “Christian, you are the chief enemy of the make, mature, and multiply mentality. You are not exempt from the natural curvature of all humanity. This is why being gospel-centered is absolutely necessary. It is not a catch phrase. It is not a buzz-word. It is the power of God for salvation.”

5 Questions to Ask When Reading the Bible – Steven Lawson provides 5 key questions to ask when reading Scripture.

Do You Think Biblically about Your Work? – “Though we continue to labor in a fallen world, we no longer labor without hope, but with the unshakable confidence that our work, done in service to the Lord Jesus, counts.”