On Friday night my wife and I went to see Courageous a new Christian movie from the creators of FireProof. Before, I get into the review portion of the movie here is a brief description from the movie’s website (http://www.courageousthemovie.com/themovie):

“Four men, one calling: To serve and protect. As law enforcement officers, Adam Mitchell, Nathan Hayes, David Thomson, and Shane Fuller are confident and focused. Yet at the end of the day, they face a challenge that none of them are truly prepared to tackle: fatherhood. While they consistently give their best on the job, good enough seems to be all they can muster as dads. But they’re quickly discovering that their standard is missing the mark. When tragedy hits home, these men are left wrestling with their hopes, their fears, their faith, and their fathering. Can a newfound urgency help these dads draw closer to God … and to their children? Filled with action-packed police drama, COURAGEOUS is the fourth film from Sherwood Pictures, the moviemaking ministry of Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Georgia. Riveted moviegoers will once again find themselves laughing, crying, and cheering as they are challenged and inspired by everyday heroes who long to be the kinds of dads that make a lifelong impact on their children. Protecting the streets is second nature to these men. Raising their children in a God-honoring way? That’s courageous.”

After watching Courageous my wife and I both commented (nearly at the same time) that this movie was well put together. Unlike many Christian movies that sadly focus on something we should do, such as being a good person; Courageous focuses on the Gospel. Throughout the movie the four men face challenges and trials of all kinds just like everyone else does. These men wanted to leave a legacy; a legacy of loving Jesus and their families.

I recommend you see Courageous, because it proclaims the Gospel in movie-format. Some people have called this a “sermon-movie” which accurately depicts what this movie is, a sermon in movie format. These four men and their families are challenged by various hardships and circumstances, and go through the fire by the grace of God by holding fast to their faith in Christ and holding one another accountability. These men aren’t superstars they are ordinary men going through the daily rigors and demands of life with a family. The movie excels not only in preaching the Gospel, but rather in demonstrating what a life lived for the glory of God is like.

Sadly many people today in our culture believe that if they become Christians they will be buzz-kills and no fun to be around, and they will lose out on living life. As this movie demonstrates the Christian life while full of difficulty is a life full of joy because it is a life rooted in God, and in His Son Jesus Christ. This movie accurately portrays God as the giver of new life and true joy. I’m thankful this movie doesn’t just stop at showing how the Gospel reconciles people and families to Jesus while it does all these things, but also shows how the Gospel is for all of life.

Courageous is a Christ-centered and Gospel-saturated movie. While there is some violence in the movie; the violence is because of the men standing up and honoring their vows as policemen and fighting against gang violence. This movie is family friendly.  This movie demonstrates not only what a man captivated by the Gospel looks like, I believe it also demonstrates what every man longs to be. Every man longs to be caught up in something bigger than themselves. What men need to capture more than anything is a vision of the glory and majesty of God. I’m thankful that this movie not only proclaims the Gospel but also demonstrates what it means to be a Gospel-man. This is truly a biblical movie, and one I recommend you go to. My prayer as you see this movie is that the Lord will use it in your life; to minister His grace which reconciles men, women, children and families to Himself in order to display the glory of His Gospel.