Mark Jones

What commandments did Adam break in the Garden when he and his wife ate from the tree which God commanded them not to eat from (Gen. 2:16-17; 3:6)? I believe he broke all ten commandments, not just one or two specific commandments (cf. James 2:10).

He broke the first commandment in his unbelief. As the Reformed have rightly noted, unbelief was Adam’s first sin. He failed to love God, but instead showed sinful self-love. He was self-seeking. His sin included “unbelief, distrust, despair, pride, presumption, [and] cowardice.” There was also a failure to depend upon the Holy Spirit.

He broke the second commandment. God was to be worshipped in a particular manner, which included what Adam was commanded to do, as well as what Adam was commanded not to do. But Adam transgressed the laws of proper worship. Adam tolerated false religion and did not (as prophet, priest, and king) guard the temple of God. He should have snapped the serpent’s head off.

He broke the third commandment. As God’s son, and God’s image-bearer, Adam brought dishonour upon his Father. God must be given the pre-eminence by those who bear his name. Moreover, God’s word – the Word by which he spoke to Adam and warned him – was not reverently used by Adam. He failed to speak true theology to the serpent.

He broke the fourth commandment. Adam’s disobedience kept him from entering his eternal Sabbath rest. He was, like us, to make every effort to enter God’s rest (Heb. 4:11). He did not “rest” in God when he allowed his wife to eat from the tree he was commanded not to eat from. He jeopardized his eternal rest, which is a violation of the Sabbath.

He broke the fifth commandment. Adam did not honor his Father. He would have had “long days” if he had honored his Father.

He broke the sixth commandment. Adam became a wicked murderer, like the devil, when he sinned against God (Rom. 5). He had a duty towards his posterity to give them life, but he gave them death instead.

He broke the seventh commandment. Adam did not show love to his wife when he stood by and let her speak with the devil. He should have protected Eve, but he did not.

He broke the eighth commandment. He allowed his wife to steal. She took what was not hers to take. He joined in the act of theft.

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