God Made Mom and Dad God Made Dad & Mom is a children’s book aimed at kids ages 5 to 8. The main characters of the story are a boy named Michael and his parents. In the story we enter into what must be a normal weekday, because after breakfast Michael heads off to school. While it’s not explicitly mentioned, I suspect Michael attends a Christian school as his teacher tells the students that boys will grow up to be men and that girls will grow up to be women, relating it to Genesis 1:27 (“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him;male and female he created them.” -ESV). After school Michael’s dad takes him on a trip to his favorite place, the zoo. As they see the different animals in the zoo, Michael is reflecting on what he learned earlier in the day at school, noting that each animal only has one mom and dad. Next Michael asks his dad to explain why his friend Jimmy had two dads. Michael’s dad explains, “It is not a part of [God’s] plan for two men to be married or for them to be fathers together or for two women to be married or mothers together.” (p. 12). This leads into a question from Michael about whether or not a married man and women who can’t conceive a child can ever become a mom and dad. Michael’s dad then talks to him about adoption, learning that he (Michael) was actually adopted by his parents. As their discussion continues, Michael’s dad relates adoption to the hope of salvation saying, “When we ask Jesus to forgive us of our sins, He does so right away, and He forgets our sins. It is then that we are adopted into God’s family.” (p. 16). Michael and his dad talk further about his friend Jimmy and his two dads. In response to a question from Michael about adoption into God’s family, Michael’s dad says, “And the sin of Jimmy’s two dads being together as a couple can be forgiven. No mistake is too big for God to forgive. God loves them very much, and we must pray for Jimmy and his two dads. Only God can turn people’s hearts from sin. By the way, Jimmy is not responsible in any way for his dads’ sins.” (p. 17). Next Michael prays for Jimmy and his two dad’s saying, “Dear Jesus, please show Jimmy and his dads the truth about how you made them and how much you love them.” (p. 18). Upon their return home, Michael tells his mom all about the exciting things he learned during their trip to the zoo. The book closes with Michael and his parents praying together at bedtime and Michael falling asleep dreaming about “God’s beautiful creation and how He has a purpose for everything He makes.” (p. 23).

My Thoughts:
I came across God Made Dad & Mom when I stopped by the Bridge Logos booth last month at the International Christian Retail Show. My initial thought was that this is a very bold book that I wouldn’t have necessarily expected to see from Bridge Logos or most other Christian publishers for that matter. The book has caused quite a stir online. At the time of this review there are 268 reviews of the book on Amazon, with 227 of them rating the book at 1 star. As you scan the review descriptions you’ll see words like evil, hate, propaganda, etc. If you read through many of the reviews, it will quickly become clear that the majority of the reviewers probably haven’t even read the book as there are lots of scathing remarks, but no mention of specific quotes or page numbers, which is something I would expect to see from a reviewer who wants to honestly engage with the specific content they disagree with in a book.

The author makes her intentions for the book quite clear in the description on the back of the book which states, “How does God’s view of the family differ from that of today’s society? This picture book for children ages, 5 to 8, presents the traditional Judeo-Christian view of the family.” In my opinion she achieves her stated objective quite well. Parents who are looking for a useful and gentle resource to talk to their children about  the traditional Judeo-Christian view of family and what that means in relation to adoption and gay marriage will find this book helpful. My rating for God Made Dad & Mom is 5 out of 5 stars.

Amber Dee ParkerAbout the Author:
Amber Dee Parker is a writer and speaker who is called to teach others about how to stand for the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus through His love in every area of life. She and her husband, Zach, have been married for thirteen years. Through her speaking engagements Amber upholds the Bible and God’s principles, as she “speaks the truth in love” (Ephesians 4:13).

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