Welcome to the seventieth episode of Equipping You in Grace. On today’s episode, Dave Jenkins interviews Gerald Hiestand about his book The Pastor Theologian: Resurrecting an Ancient Vision with Todd Wilson (Zondervan, 2015)

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Gerald’s life, ministry, marriage, and his current ministry projects.
  • What is a pastor-theologian?
  • How the church historically has understood the term pastor-theologian.
  • How serious theological anemia is in the church.
  • How serious is the ecclesial anemia is in theology.
  • Why not every pastor-theologian should be an ecclesial theologian.
  • How pastors can be an ecclesial theologian in the local church.
  • What Gerald sees as the future of the pastor-theologian movement.
  • What Gerald sees as the greatest challenges to the pastor-theologian movement.

About the Author:

Gerald Hiestand (PhD Candidate in Classics and Archeology, University of Kent, Canterbury) is the Senior Associate Pastor at Calvary Memorial Church, and the director and co-founder of the Center for Pastor Theologians. Gerald is interested in thinking and writing about the intersection of theology and the ecclesial context. Gerald and his wife have three children, and are adopting their fourth from Ethiopia. They live in the village of Oak Park, just outside of Chicago.

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