Over the past couple of years, I have become a huge fan of Lecrae’s music. So much so, that we have acquired his entire catalog of music. As one who appreciates Lecrae the artist, I was excited to read his autobiography to learn more about Lecrae the man. Let’s just say after reading this book, I have an even greater appreciation for his music and the message he has been led by God to declare.

This is not a touchy-feely, God saved me at a young age and all things have worked out just fine so here I am preaching the Gospel type of story. Lecrae came from some very hard beginnings. He lived in a single parent home in a rough and tumble urban setting. The male figures he looked up to were shall we say not the greatest of role models. As Lecrae grew up, he encountered a wide swath of temptations which he more often than not pursued. Drugs, sex, the allure of gangs, parties….you name it and Lecrae likely was involved with it or was on the verge of participating. Sex led to an abortion and the partying and endless searching for meaning led to thoughts of suicide.

God reached out to Lecrae in the midst of his despair. Even still, life was not a bowl of peaches. After marrying and moving to a location where he felt led by God to share the Gospel, Lecrae continued to deal with struggles, both family related and how he was to pursue the music career God was leading him towards. When the music career took off, he still struggled to find his voice. As one who owns his entire catalog of music, I can now see how Lecrae has matured in the presentation of his message over the years.

The title of this book is very much appropriate. Unashamed. Lecrae has come to the point in his walk with God where he is fully unashamed to share his life’s story through his music and ministry. Perhaps that is what I appreciate most about this autobiography. It is a tough read not because it is poorly written or because there are doctoral level theological terms utilized throughout the book. It is a tough read because Lecrae is brutally honest. He is unashamed to reveal what many choose to hide and that is a struggle with sin. We all face the choice to pursue sin or to pursue an unashamed life dedicated to the glory of God. For many years, Lecrae chose the former. God got ahold of him and continues to mold Lecrae into a man that is doing great things for the Kingdom through the gift of music, specifically through the genre of rap.

I highly recommend this book. If you are struggling in life trying to find meaning, Lecrae’s story will resonate with you. If you are having difficulty knowing what God wants you to do with your life, Lecrae’s story will resonate with you. I will be having my teenage daughter (a Lecrae fan by the way) read this book because I know she will not only enjoy it but more importantly, she will be challenged by what Lecrae has to share about his life experiences. This was an excellent read. After reading this book, I feel compelled to assess my own life, my own journey in the faith, and to be motivated through the work of the Holy Spirit to be one who is also unashamed, a man of God who does not look for acceptance from the world, but rather one who desires to glorify God in all I do and say. Who knows….you might also be led to check out Lecrae’s music after reading this book. Even if you are not a fan of the rap genre per say, I think you will enjoy the message in his music.