Jesus + Nothing = Everything is written by Tullian Tchividjian, Senior Pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Jesus + Nothing = Everything explores what implications the sufficiency of Christ has on the everyday life of believers. In this book, Pastor Tullian shares how during a very difficult year; he discovered the power of the Gospel. During this year the Lord led him to read and study the book of Colossians; a book which he then preached to the congregation at Coral Ridge, and upon which this book is based.

While much has been written and said about the current “Gospel-centered” movement, I believe that this book significantly advances that conversation by taking it deeper into the fullness of the Gospel. Tullian in this book bears all the marks of a man who has truly experienced the power of God in the Gospel, which is why throughout the book he demonstrates what it means to be a man on fire for the Gospel. Throughout church history the men and women that God has used the most to advance the Gospel have been believers who have understood their identity in Christ. Many believers often wonder what “secret” these great saints discovered in order to experience the level of effectiveness they enjoyed in there ministries. The fact that so many Christian books written on the Christian life today focus solely on what it means to be successful for God is an indictment on contemporary evangelical theology. This book unlike those books focuses not on what it means to be successful for God, but rather on what Christ has already accomplished in His death, burial and resurrection. Pastor Tullian skillfully guides his readers deeper into the fundamentals of the faith by explaining how the Gospel frees the people of God to be who they really are in Him by His grace for His glory.

This book contains a message that needs to be preached from every rooftop and in every pulpit; every single week of the year. The implications of Christ’s sufficiency are many and they all take the believer to the end of themselves in order to grow deeper and wider in the finished work of Christ in everyday life. Many contemporary theologians have written that evangelical Christianity is a mile wide and an inch deep. The message Tullian delivers here rightly diagnoses that problem as moralism, legalism and idolatry, but doesn’t stop at just explaining what these are or how Christians fall into these traps, but rather skillfully as a surgeon gets to the root of the problem by exposing these isms for what they are; a lack of confidence in the finished work Jesus Christ.

Jesus + Nothing = Everything is confessed as truth by nearly every evangelical, and yet many evangelicals do not appropriate this truth into their everyday lives. By this I mean, and Tullian explains so well that many evangelicals focus on their problems rather than on Jesus Christ. The believer who focuses solely on their problems demonstrates a lack of confidence in the power of the Gospel. Tullian calls believers away from being introspective about their sin by reorienting them to the truth of what Christ has done for them in the work of the Cross and Resurrection.

This is a book that challenges many contemporary evangelical ideas about accountability, spiritual growth, and ministry. Reading this book will change many believers’ lives by turning them upside-down and inside-out for the sake of His Gospel. Tullian rightly notes that the Gospel that saves and sanctifies provides the fuel to do good, which flows from the fount of what’s already been done by Christ. The truth that this book contains is the power of God to wreck your life in order to free you from hypocrisy, legalism and addictions, so that you will be who you are in Him by the grace of God. I recommend you pick up this book to be reminded and wrecked afresh by the precious truth that the Gospel that saves and sanctifies is indeed the power of God.

Title: Jesus + Nothing = Everything

Author: Tullian Tchividjian

Publisher: Crossway (2011)


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