Acts Journaling has had a pivotal place in my spiritual growth. When I first started writing devotionals for other people in high school, they were born out of my own experiences journaling down thoughts about my testimony and what I was going through as a teenager. As I wrote, people enjoyed what I wrote so much they encouraged me to continue and I have to this day, although at a much larger scale now than when I was in high school. While I no longer journal using pen and paper, I do use Microsoft Word. Quite often, my “journal” thoughts appear as articles. Sometimes I even test ideas I’m thinking through on social media. All of this is why I am excited about the Journible series from my friends at Reformation Heritage. I was recently sent the Acts Journible as part of the Acts 17:18 Series.

The Journible is based on the simple idea of helping people engage the Word of God by slowing down the process of reading. The overall idea is for the reader to engage a text of Scripture and then write out their thoughts about that passage. These journals provide the opportunity for one generation to communicate in writing to the next generation their insights and personal applications of the text. The journal can also be used to handwrite their own copy of Acts.

This journal would be good for every Christian and I can think of multiple functions for this for myself. For starters, I think writing out the text would help me to process what the text of Scripture I am reading means. Second, it will help me to apply the text of Scripture to my own heart and ministry. Finally, I think resources like the Journibles will help Christians think through what the text of Scripture says and how to interpret it. One of the greatest needs for Christians today to learn is how to properly read, study and interpret the Bible, which is why I am happy to recommend this new resource by Reformation Heritage. Whether you are a new or mature Christian, this is a must have resource that will help you to read, study and interpret the Bible better.

Title: Acts (Journible – the 17:18 Series)

Publisher: Reformation Heritage (2013)

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