Author: John Macarthur

Stop Taking Sin So Lightly

Stop Taking Sin So Lightly from Crossway on Vimeo. Faced with Sin There are some people who take sin lightly—it’s kind of a trendy thing today. There are lots of churches and lots of churchgoers who are never really confronted by the wretchedness of their own hearts and the sinfulness of their own sin. You cannot take sin lightly if you read Isaiah 53. Because was your sin and my sin that put Christ on the cross. How can you treat lightly what he suffered? If you look at the cross, you understand the sinfulness of sin. He was...

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Sin Didn’t Kill Jesus—God Did

A Shocking Truth The reality of Christ’s vicarious, substitutionary death on our behalf is the heart of the gospel according to God—the central theme of Isaiah 53. We must remember, however, that sin did not kill Jesus; God did. The suffering servant’s death was nothing less than a punishment administered by God for sins others had committed. That is what we mean when we speak of penal substitutionary atonement. Again, if the idea seems shocking and disturbing, it is meant to be. Unless you recoil from the thought, you probably haven’t grasped it yet. “Our God is a consuming...

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