Daily Bible Reading: Exodus 16, 1 Samuel 10, Job 4, Psalm 67, Proverbs 4, Isaiah 66, Luke 19, 2 Corinthians 7, Colossians 4, and Revelation 9.

Talking Technology with Tim Challies: http://trevinwax.com/2011/03/24/talking-technology-with-tim-challies

Honoring the Persecuted Give it all away: http://www2.lifeway.com/secretchurch/index.php/blog/details/post/honoring_the_persecuted_give_it_all_away/

Handling Conflict in Marriage: http://thegoodbookblog.com/2011/mar/25/the-perfect-storms-handling-conflict-in-marriage/

Quote of the Day:  ‎”They who truly come to God for mercy, come as beggars, and not as creditors: they come for mere mercy, for sovereign grace, and not for anything that is due”~Jonathan Edwards