Daily Bible Reading: Exodus 15, 1 Samuel 9, Job 3, Psalm 66, Proverbs 3, Isaiah 65, Luke 18, 2 Corinthians 6, Colossians 3, and Revelation 8.

How to Offer Criticism Part 1 by Dr. Ed Stetzer http://www.edstetzer.com/2011/03/criticism1.html

A Meditation on Sin by Tim Challies: http://www.challies.com/christian-living/a-meditation-on-sin

Leadership Lesson from the Social Media by Dr. Rainer: http://www.thomrainer.com/2011/03/leadership-lessons-from-the-social-media.php

Quote of the Day:  ‎”Many have yielded to go a mile with Satan, that never intended to go two; but when once on the way, they have been allured further and further, till at last they know not how to leave his company. Thus Satan leads poor creatures down into the depths of sin by winding stairs, that let them not see the bottom whither they are going.” ~William Gurnall~