Daily Bible Reading: Genesis 39, Judges 12, Job 40, Psalm 41, Proverbs 8, Isaiah 40, Mark 11, Romans 11, 2nd Corinthians , and James 3.

Imaging Christ by Tim Challies: http://www.challies.com/christian-living/imaging-christ

How to Slay Sin Part 1: http://www.gty.org/Blog/B110215

Why leaders cannot afford to be easily offended by Michael Hyatt: http://michaelhyatt.com/why-leaders-cannot-afford-to-be-easily-offended.html

Angels, Demons and Spiritiual Warfare by David Platthttp://www2.lifeway.com/secretchurch/index.php/blog/details/post/tuesday_feb_15_secret_church_feature_secret_church_7_angels_demons_and_spir/

Why the Gospel is good news for believers now by Jason Comptonhttp://thegospelcoalition.org/blogs/tgc/2011/02/15/why-the-gospel-is-good-news-for-believers-now/

“Prayer is not overcoming God’s reluctance, but laying hold of His willingness.” ~Martin Luther~