Exposure to sexual content is inevitable in today’s society. In addition to this reality, if you have any desire to raise your child in a Christ-honoring way, then it is necessary to deal with the cultural issues that could cause stumbling and result in long-term harm.

Pornography is accessible to every home in America whether through word, sounds, or images. Gone are the days of catching a glimpse of the racy calendar in the local mechanic shop or stealing Uncle George’s Playboy. Pornography today is accessible to any child, at almost any time, in almost any home, all while maintaining anonymity and with little risk involved. It’s a type of exciting, erotic, exhilarating forbidden fruit to the young eye. Heck, even to many older eyes.

Yet, even if your child is not bent towards this temptation, he or she can quickly stumble upon it. A friend recently told the story of his seven-year-old daughter and her friend who heard the word “sex” at school. The friend lived next door, and while they were playing outside, the neighbor brought out an unsupervised iPad and searched for the word “sex.” You can imagine the world to which these young minds were introduced. It has forever impacted this young girl and her family.

The reality is that you and I are surrounded by sexual content and so are our children. The question is not if they will encounter sexual content, but when and how we as parents can ensure it is in a healthy God-honoring way. Either we take on the responsibility of guiding our children through understanding sexuality rightly, or take the risk of having an older sibling, teenage neighbor, or some explicit website assume the role for us.

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