Here at Servantsofgrace we exist exists to be a resource to the local and global Church by equipping God’s people through the preaching of God’s Word, spiritual growth, and training future leaders. Over the years this has taken many different forms including, preaching verse by verse sermons on Books of the Bible through an internet radio station for almost eight years. Many of those sermons are posted on Servantsofgrace and you can find them under the media section on the website.

In the past few months I have been praying and asking the Lord for help with producing Gospel-centered and God-glorifying content for the readers of Servantsofgrace. During that time I was contacted by several authors/writers to review their books. One of those men was Nate Palmer who wrote a very helpful book called Servanthood As Worship published by Cruciform Press. Prior to him contacting me, I had contacted Aaron Armstrong of Blogging Theologically when he posted a message on twitter about a blog tour featuring his book. I read and reviewed Aaron’s book Awaiting a Savior by Cruciform Press. Shortly after reviewing Aaron’s book Nate emailed me asking if I would review his book. What both men didn’t know until I asked them was that I was praying to the Lord for help with the ministry. At first I was nervous about asking Aaron and Nate but the Lord continued to prompt me to ask them if they would contribute. Finally after finishing Nate’s book, I asked him to contribute, he said yes, and is now contributing on Servants of Grace weekly.

Shortly after that I asked Aaron to pray about contributing on Servants of Grace which he then prayed about and agreed to a few weeks later. A few weeks after Nate started contributing a friend of his Chris Poblete contacted me about wanting to contribute on Servants Of Grace, and after speaking with him welcomed him to the team of contributors on Servants of Grace. In addition to this, I was contacted by Jared Moore to read his book and review it. I read his book and after praying about it felt that he would be a good addition to the team of contributors. Before all of this happened Richard Rohlin joined the team of contributors at Servants of Grace. He contributes every week and is focusing on providing good content geared towards men.

All of these men know this story but the readers of Servantsofgrace did not know that I was praying for help and the Lord provided in a huge way in fact far beyond what I had been praying for or even imagined was possible (there’s a huge lesson in that statement). I mention this story to you, because I want to lay out to you, the readers and prayerful supporters of Servantsofgrace Ministries, where we are headed as a ministry in the next year. I believe it is important to do this so you know how you can pray for the contributors and ministry of Servants of Grace.

My wife Sarah is going to be building a world-class website for Servantsofgrace here at the start of the New Year. The new website is going to be much more organized, functional and easier to use. We will continue to have book reviews, articles, and audio/video content for you each week. In addition to all the content we are already providing we are opening up a new ministry which will be launching sometime soon reviewing movies, television shows, and music. Jared Moore will be leading this new ministry within Servants of Grace. More will be written on the purpose of this new ministry in the coming days. In the future as the Lord leads and opens the door we plan on adding additional contributors, as well as new ministries to equip believers to serve God in order to strength the local Church in its mission of making disciples to the glory of God.

Starting in January, I plan on doing short 5-10 minute video addressing common questions and or issues I have gotten over the years. These videos will be uploaded to YouTube, and also posted on the website. Here sometime in January I will also be starting a weekly radio show called “Theology for Life” which will discuss contemporary theological issues with a view to how they affect our everyday Christian lives.

Being that all of what I have shared just now with you has occurred over the past few months, I have to confess I am blown away by what the Lord is doing through Servants of Grace Ministries. In the past year the Lord has blessed us to be able to reach 145 countries and reach over 2.5 million people through our website. The Lord is really moving here at Servants of Grace for the purpose of advancing His Gospel to the nations, and I am continually amazed and thankful to Jesus everyday for the quality of the men He has sent to help this ministry.

In conclusion, I ask that you please pray for Nate, Richard, Chris, Aaron, Jared, Ricky, my wife Sarah (as she builds the website), and myself as we seek to produce content that is saturated in the Gospel and honors God’s Word. Behind everything going on here at Servants of Grace is the conviction that we are partnering together as a team to proclaim the beauty, majesty and glory of the finished work of Christ in His death, burial and resurrection. Our goal is to be a resource for you so that you can serve God within your local Church. We exist to equip God’s people to help them grow to be like Christ and raise up future leaders to serve Christ’s Church. If we can in anyway be of service to you or you have ideas for future articles, questions or anything else please do not hesitate to contact us.

In Christ Alone,

Dave Jenkins and the team at Servants of Grace Ministries