6th Annual 12 Days Before Christmas Giveaway – Day 11

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6th Annual 12 Days Before Christmas Giveaway – Day 11

6th Annual 12 Days Before Christmas Giveaway - Day 11

Welcome to day eight of the 6th Annual 12 Days Before Christmas Giveaway. Today’s giveaway is sponsored by our friends at LOGOS Bible Software. Here’s the wonderful prize pack up for grabs today:

LOGOS Bible Software Prize Pack (1 Winner):
Classic Studies on the Historical Jesus (12 vols.)
Is the account of Jesus in the Gospels a reliable portrait of a historical figure, or an invention that needs to be demythologized? Because of the rise of higher criticism and the antisupernaturalistic presuppositions that often accompany that enterprise, modern biblical scholarship has raised the question of the historical Jesus. Some higher critical scholars saw themselves as defenders of Christianity, salvaging from the Bible what was left after modernism undercut belief in the supernatural. Others were wholly polemical toward the Bible. The methods and presuppositions of this extremely significant movement have shaped the direction of Jesus studies from the eighteenth century up to the present day. With writings from many of the major scholars that made up the so-called “first quest” for the historical Jesus—Albert Schweitzer, William Wrede, Baron d’Holbach, and others—this collection provides key primary sources for researching this subject, which has been foundational in the development of biblical and theological studies.

With the Logos edition of this collection, you can easily search for the exact data you want to find. In seconds, gather all of Schweitzer’s comments on Matthew 10. Read what all these authors have to say about the two accounts of Jesus cleansing the temple and feeding the five thousand. With Logos, all Scripture passages appear on mouseover, and any resources in your library cited in this collection are seamlessly linked together for easy reference.

To Live is Christ, To Die Is Gain by Matt Chandler
Using Paul’s radical letter to the Philippians as his road map, Matt Chandler forsakes the trendy to invite readers into authentic Christian maturity.

The short book of Philippians is one of the most quoted in the Bible, yet Paul wrote it not for the popular sound bites, but to paint a picture of a mature Christian faith. While many give their lives to Jesus, few then go on to live a life of truly vibrant faith.

In this disruptively inspiring book, Chandler offers tangible ways to develop a faith of pursuing, chasing, knowing, and loving Jesus. Because if we clean up our lives but don’t get Jesus, we’ve lost! So let the goal be him. To live is Christ, to die is gain—this is the message of the letter. Therefore, our lives should be lived to him, through him, for him, with him, about him—everything should be about Jesus.

In the Logos edition of To Live Is Christ, To Die Is Gain, you get easy access to Scripture texts and to a wealth of other resources in your digital library. Hovering over Scripture references links you instantly to the verse you’re looking for, and with a wealth of tools from Logos, you can delve into your study of Philippians like never before.

About the Giveaway:
In case you have never participated in a Punchtab giveaway, here’s what you need to know:

The Prize:
Classic Studies on the Historical Jesus (12 vols.) and To Live Is Christ, To Die Is Gain by Matt Chandler. The winner will be chosen at random on January 2nd and the collection will be sent to the winner’s Logos account. Don’t have an account? No problem! You can sign up for free here and download free apps to read your books on any device here.

How to Enter:
Login above with your email address or Facebook account and follow the steps in the widget. That’s it! Each prompted action you follow will earn you additional entries. You can always come back and share a link to the giveaway with your friends for additional entries.

By entering this giveaway you consent to receiving a follow up email from Logos. This email will contain a special coupon code sent only to the participants of this giveaway! Your email address will be kept private and never given away or sold

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